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What does Cosma mean?

It is the (nonexistent) feminine form of the Greek word cosmos which is defined by Oxford as “The universe seen as a well-ordered whole.”

Cosma is the “The universe of knowledge seen as a well-ordered whole.”

Is Cosma a search engine?

No. Cosma is not designed to be a search engine like Google, DuckDuckGo or any others. It is also not designed to be an encyclopedia like Encyclopædia Britannica or Wikipedia. It is partially designed to be an interface to those resources as well as many others that can be accessed with URLs that happen to use standard search strings. However, that is a secondary function of Cosma. The primary purpose of Cosma is to feature a unique top-down, hand-crafted inventory of the World’s vast online resources. The inventory was not created with automatic algorithms. It is the result of forty long years of systematic research, and those links are added to these pages by hand.

Can I pay you to add something to a page or write a post on Cosma?

No, absolutely not! Cosma is not a paid resource, and it never will be!

It is a 100% non-profit, advertisement free, educational site.

It will always remain so in the future!

What does Cosma cost?

Cosma is first and foremost a “free” public knowledge utility! There is no fee to use it, so that means that it is technically “freeware.”

Is Cosma “free” or “open” software?

No. The cost to use Cosma is free, but it is notfree” or open” software.

All unique interface elements, organizational structures, images and content are copyrighted.

Is Cosma a new project?

No it is not. It is just the newest iteration of a very old project. It is based upon over thirty years of research and development in information and communication systems, utilities and environments. The first prototype was created by Mary Hopper in the 1980s using HyperCard in color that ran on an Apple IIGS with ProDOS. The technology platform, content inventory, target audience and motivation strategy all evolved through many iterations since then.

Is Cosma finished?

No. Less than half of the inventory has been posted so far.

There are over five hundred pages with 10s of links per page right now, but there will be more than a thousand pages with up to a hundred links per page by the end of 2021.

However, it still won’t be “finished” then. Both the web and the technologies used to create Cosma are always changing. That means that Cosma can never be “finished” in the traditional sense of the word.