Catch some waves!

Want a quick mini-vacation? Check out this 360° video of tuberiding.

It’s beautiful, but as you looked around, did you notice that there’s no surfer in the video?

I didn’t realize, at first, that it’s a promo for a game called Virtual Surfing. So, while it’s awesome that it’s so realistic, it’s not real.

On the other hand, there are a couple of fun 360° videos of real tuberiding on YouTube.

Here’s one that shows Anthony Walsh riding tubes in Tahiti.

Here’s another one with Ollie O’ Flaherty tuberiding off of Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher.

If you are a surfer and want to do this yourself, then here’s an article where surfing pros share their favorite places to go tuberiding.
The Best Tubes on Earth According to Experts (Ashel Pierson, Surfline)

If you’re not a surfer, but would like to be one, then here’s a five minute tutorial in the basics of surfing from Kyle Thiermann started.

Here are some more helpful links to get you started catching waves
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Surfology: Surf School Directory (Surfline)
Surf Schools: A Guide to Learn How to Surf (Surfer Today)
Top 10 Surf Schools (National Geographic)
10 of the best surfing schools in the world (Jennifer Hudson, The Guardian)

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