Wacky World

It’s a weird and wacky world out there, and Guinness World Records (GWR) loves to remind us of that fact from time to time.

Just last week they released their 66th Edition of extreme factoids and an accompanying media blitz to rain outrageous strangeness down upon the media landscape.

It all started with a silly little one minute video.

Then GWR followed that up with a two minute video highlighting their hand-picked Stars.

Then there was this article on their website with more detail about the “Stars” in the video.
Power your Curiosity: Introducing the stars of Guinness World Records 2020 (Connie Suggitt, Guinness World Records)

GWR also has a YouTube Channel where they post separate videos about the Stars.

Finally, they distribute their press release, and voilà, there’s a media frenzy.

The next thing you know, news organizations starved for something to cover besides politics, the weather, the state of the roads and whatnot, latch on to it and print articles like this one.
Pinky pull ups, mayo eating and other weird feats in the new Guinness World Records book (Scottie Andrew, CNN)

There is a finer point to be made here, though. GWR is a business, so they tend to delve into a “records for hire” approach sometimes.

That is why I was able to find the below 360° video with this description.

Watch the All-New F-PACE defy gravity in a Guinness World Record-breaking 360° loop. As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, our new performance SUV was driven with daring precision by Legendary Stunt Driver Terry Grant, showcasing its lightweight design, agility, sports car speed and performance.

Yes, indeed, for better or worse, profit motive or not, they do a great job of catering to all sorts of interests — they even had a cool 360° video for me to post about here!

Lest you think you’re safe from their hijinks, I highly recommend that you check out their Showcase organized by interests. Better yet, you may wish you’d stuck to cat videos, because the YouTube Channel has playlists for animal lovers!

Oh nooo… there you gooo…

Happy Weekend!

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