Penguin Playtime

Brrr, baby, it’s cold outside!

Let’s embrace it, even celebrate it, by watching some penguins play for a few minutes!

Here’s a 360° video of magellanic penguins sledding, right up until and after they knock the camera over and have a good laugh.

Okay, truth be known, they were probably making all of that noise for another reason 😉

Here’s a 360° video of rockhopper penguins frolicking in a tidal pool until they start doing close-up cameos for the camera.

Finally, this 360° video introduces you to a vast party of king penguins and their woolly chicks carousing on a beach in Gold Harbour in South Georgia. It’s interesting enough to watch as a regular video, but it’s more fun to watch if you look around, and it’s really adorable if you look down — be sure to do that!

What is it about penguins that make them so darn cute?

I’m not sure, but whatever it is, it inspired me to make a brand new page about penguins!

Happy Weekend!