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Cosma provides access to a systematic, top-down inventory of thousands of the best “knowledge resources” in the world. They are accessed by links that are distributed over the hundreds of pages on this site. In its final form, Cosma will provide access to millions of resources distributed over more than a thousand pages. 1 More importantly, in order to make it easier to navigate the resources, they are organized by a special classification scheme developed exclusively for Cosma. 2 More…



1.   The Knowledge Resources Inventory, which is at the heart of Cosma, is based upon M. E. Hopper’s belief that there is a definable, stable set of core knowledge resources in the World that can be identified in a systematic, top-down search and then tracked and presented in a “directory” like structure. This led a to a long-term initiative to do just that. Here is one of many presentations where she described her project.
Hopper, M. E. (1999, October). A Project About Projects: Watching Academic E-Media Projects Evolve [Presentation]. Media in Transition: An International Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

2.   The classification scheme used for the resources on all of the pages on Cosma was initially developed in the year 2000 while Mary E. Hopper was taking a course entitled LS407 Reference/Information Services at the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science. It was a legendary, very rigorous course taught by Dr. Allen Smith.