Why not butterflies?

Now that the eclipse has passed, and we all survived with our vision intact (hopefully), it is time to get back to our regular news, right? Unfortunately, I’m not finding anything in my “go to” news feeds all that inspiring right now. Everything seems to range somewhere between the mundane and the terrifying, so I keep hearing the gist of J.K. Rowling’s refrain, as spoken by the character Ron Weasley in Chamber of Secrets. running through my head:

“Why couldn’t it be butterflies?”

Here’s a clip of the humorous scene for the uninitiated.

While I do tend to be what some might perceive as overly fond of butterflies, the specific reason that the line keeps popping into my head is because I keep wondering why my favorite YouTube Channel for 360° Videos hasn’t featured them yet. Animals in general and sharks specifically have been honored with their own playlists, but the poor little butterflies have been neglected. That’s a shame, because there are plenty of nice 360° Videos about them.

So, in an attempt to remedy the situation, achieve a sense of catharsis and brighten other people’s news feeds a bit, here are five videos that I would include in the playlist.

These are just my favorites. There are plenty more on YouTube, so you can flutter on there!

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