Great Views of Earth

April 22nd is Earth Day! In honor of that, here are some great ways to see the honoree.

First, you can get a nice view from this neat 360° Video from Seeker. It essentially shows you what it would feel like if you could just fly straight up and see the Earth from space.

National Geographic also just released a 360° Video connected to their documentary series One Strange Rock that lets you see the Earth from the International Space Station (ISS).

Note: There’s a 360° tour of ISS on Google Street View!

For a really, really extreme wide shot of Earth, there’s a relatively hot off the press snap from New Horizons. It was taken from about 3.79 billion miles away. Not surprisingly, this is the record for the furthest away a picture of Earth has ever been taken, and this video covers both the shot as well as some interesting context about how it was taken.

Here are some more in-depth articles about the shot.
These record-breaking pictures were taken by the farthest camera from Earth (Ben Guarino, Washington Post)
New Horizons Snaps Farthest Image Ever Taken From Earth (Jason Daley, Smithsonian Magazine)

Of course, the video paid a humble tribute to the iconic Pale Blue Dot (Planetary Society) image taken by Voyager 1 that was then made famous by this commentary by Carl Sagan.

Those are certainly some awe inspiring views of Earth! Along the way it is hard not to notice that NASA has a lot to do with all of those long shots.

As great as it is to have the pictures and the knowledge from the missions, it turns out that NASA keeps pretty busy taking care of our home planet, too. Here’s a lovely article that Forbes published for Earth Day that highlights the many ways that NASA is working to save the Earth.
The 19 Small Ways That NASA Will Try To Save The Earth (Ethan Siegel, Forbes)

Find out more about our planet Earth, getting to space as well as zooming in and out