Hummingbird Parties!

Sometimes a link to a story begs you to click on it. Here’s one that I couldn’t resist.
Watch hummingbirds ‘dance’ through waterfalls (Lucy Hicks, Science Magazine)

Sure enough, the story has an animation of a hummingbird ‘dancing’ in a waterfall.

The research that the story described was a tad odd, but the clip was worth the visit. However, I was disappointed because I was hoping to see a video of the phenomena.

In fact, I was so bummed that I went fishing on YouTube for the video that I craved.

Voilà! A user named Happydog744 posted a 20 second clip of a hummingbird dancing, and it even has a soundtrack!

There wasn’t a waterfall, but watching the video was still cathartic.

Then YouTube’s algorithm assumed that if I wanted to see a hummingbird dance, then I would want to watch this hummingbird pool party that was posted by wildwingsla.

So, after that cute clip, YouTube’s algorithm figured that I might want to know some exotic things about hummingbirds compliments of SciShow. Okay, why not? Click!

So, YouTube’s algorithm was right about what I wanted to watch, and hummingbirds are fascinating creatures!

By now the algorithm decided that if I was that into hummingbirds, then I might want one as a pet and suggested this neat video by a user named Uncle Ben.

Humm, well, I’m don’t think that I need a pet hummingbird, but it was fun to know how someone could pull off taming one…

After I watched all of those videos, YouTube suggested a slew of videos about how to make a hummingbird feeder. I can’t imagine why.

I resisted watching those and decided to go the virtual route to hummingbird gazing. Here’s a “real” live cam hosted by Hummingbird Spot in California (good to know if it is dark when you see it.)

When I signed on there were over a hundred other people at the “hummingbird” party.

Hummingbirds are fun to watch, but after observing the video and chat for a few minutes, it dawned on me that it might also be about some people missing real parties 😉

BTW You can visit Hummingbird Spot on YouTube to watch and even join the party!

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