The folks at NASA love Halloween, and they do something to celebrate every year.

For example, the engineers at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab have been holding a pumpkin carving contest for almost a decade, and stories about their ingenuity invariably make it into the news. Here’s a video from Wired about their 2016 competition.

Here’s are two articles about last years event.
NASA transformed Halloween pumpkins into fighting robots (Mark Serrelsm, CNET)
Here’s What Happens When NASA Has a Pumpkin-Carving Contest (NASA/JPL)

This is a video from this year that was posted by SciTech Daily.

NASA also releases some sort of Halloween themed media every year.

Back in 2017 they posted spooky sounds captured from their various spacecraft.

Here’s a video from the National Post where you can hear the eerie sound tracks with visuals of where they came from, and you can still download the sounds too!

Halloween Treat: NASA Releases a Playlist of the Universe’s Spooky Sounds (Samantha Mathewson, Space.com)
Spooky Space Sounds (NASA)

Last year the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope team released an image of the Ghost Nebula. Here’s a video and a story from CNET about the image.

Hubble captures haunting Ghost Nebula for Halloween (Amanda Kooser, CNET)

This year NASA seems to have pulled out all of the stops, because there are numerous stories all over the news right now. You may have even seen one or two of them.

Their most widely circulated trick has been a throwback picture of the sun looking like a jack-o-lantern that they posted on Facebook.

Here’s one of the many news segments and a couple of articles about the snap.

NASA posts a photo of the sun looking like a flaming jack-o’-lantern (Alaa Elassar, CNN)
NASA SDO Image: Jack-o-Lantern Sun (NASA)

NASA Goddard also released a “scary face image” from the Hubble telescope.

NASA Hubble telescope eyes creepy space ‘face’ for Halloween (Amanda Kooser, CNET)

Finally, this year’s most “far out” trick came from the Exoplanet Exploration Program — they released this hokey trailer Galaxy of Horrors to promote their new “travel” posters.

Here’s the press release about the trailer and the Exoplanet Posters.
NASA’s Latest Exoplanet Posters Are a Halloween Treat (NASA/JPL)

I know the trailer is supposed to be humorous, but I’m personally a bigger fan of this 360° video that NASA/JPL put together for the release of some earlier “travel posters.”

You can learn more about NASA’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau and the “Travel Posters” campaign in my post Exoplanet Junket.

Happy Halloween!

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