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Scholz’s Star (WISE designation WISE 0720−0846 or fully WISE J072003.20−084651.2) is a dim binary stellar system about 17–23 light-years (5.1–7.2 parsecs) from the Sun in the southern constellation Monoceros near the galactic plane. It was discovered in 2013 by astronomer Ralf-Dieter Scholz. In 2015, Eric Mamajek and collaborators reported the system passed through the solar system’s Oort cloud roughly 70,000 years ago, and dubbed it Scholz’s Star. — Wikipedia

Scholz’s Star (Wolfram Alpha)




A close call of 0.8 light years (Leonor Sierra, University of Rochester)
A Passing Star: Our Sun’s Near Miss (Pat Brennan, NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program)
The Closest Known Flyby of a Star to the Solar System (Eric E. Mamajek, et al., The Astrophysical Journal Letters)
Close Encounters of the Stellar Kind (C.A.L. Bailer-Jones, arXiv)



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