Rock n’ roll, noise pollution?

Is rock and roll noise pollution?

If you are a rock and roll fan, then you probably know that this is a question that AC/DC famously weighed in on in their song Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (YouTube).

If you are a language or communication expert, rock and roll fan or not, you probably have a bit more nuanced response that might begin with the phrase “it depends” and end up including words like perspective and context.

But what do lady bugs think?

Your answer might be, who knows, or cares?

Well, it turns out that somebody tried to find out, and the answer is surprisingly relevant as well as entertaining.

Here’s the Newsweek story and the article.
Loud Rock Music Like AC/DC Can Hurt Animals, Ecosystem but Willie Nelson Has No Effect, Study Says (Scottie Andrew, Newsweek)
Population‐level manipulations of field vole densities induce subsequent changes in plant quality but no impacts on vole demography (Lise RuffinoSusan E. HartleyJane L. DeGabrielXavier Lambin, Evolution and Ecology)

Personally, I found it funny that they singled out Willie Nelson as representative of the “not rock and roll” condition. I also couldn’t help but wonder if the ladybugs were just too busy dancing to eat 🙂

Seriously though, the study was actually about an important issue. There really is such a thing as noise pollution, and in some cases, it can be harmful to animals (including us). Here’s a informative video from Tech Insider video about the impact of noise on humans.

When the World Health Organization says things like this, it might be worth listening.

Noise is an underestimated threat that can cause a number of short-term and long-term health problems such as sleep disturbance, cardiovascular effects and poorer work and school performance.

It isn’t just us humans and other land animals that have a problem with noise. It’s a problem for animals in the ocean, too.

Ocean noise pollution is driving animals wild—and people are finally starting to listen (Ari Phillips, Project Earth)

So, that study about ladybugs opinions on rock and roll did have a point, albeit an odd one.

However, I’m still not convinced that rock and roll is noise pollution. I lean towards siding with AC/DC on this one, although I must confess to being more on the same page as Joan Jett.

I even tried to find a 360° Video of her or someone else performing I Love Rock N’ Roll.

I had no luck at that, but I did trip over a 360° Video of Cheap Trick performing at their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Enjoy, or not, as you see fit 😉

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