Disgusting Food

At the end of my last post, I pointed out that there are a ton of leftover Halloween candy recipes on YouTube, and I singled out this particularly outlandish, unappetizing example.
Leftover Halloween Candy Pie (Bite-Size Glam, Inc.)

It occurred to me after the fact that a far simpler and quicker solution would be to just put all of the leftover candy into a food processor. The results would probably be equally “interesting” and inedible.

So along the same lines, here’s something else hot off the press that is likely to keep you from wanting to gorge on Halloween candy… or anything else for that matter.

Check out this Buzz60 feature about the Disgusting Food Museum that has just opened in Malmö, Sweden.

Yuck factor: Disgusting Food Museum to open in Malmö (Richard Orange, The Local, Sweden)
Disgusting Food Museum aims to gross-out, educate (Ben Hooper, UPI)

The Disgusting Food Museum is being brought to the public by Samuel West. Not so surprisingly, he also happens to be the guy behind the Museum of Failure.

One has to wonder if the Disgusting Food Museum will end up in the Museum of Failure, right?

The Disgusting Food Museum isn’t quite as original as you might think, though. There’s also a SPAM Museum.

I even found this nice, folksy 360° video tour.

Fun stuff!

Finally, in case you’re wondering, there’s also a more traditional Museum of Food and Drink in New York.

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