Odd Jobs

Still deciding what you want to be when you grow up?

Are you considering a second career?

Before you pick up the want ads or head out to the career center to look for your next career opportunity, how about considering something a little off of the beaten path?

For example, if you love dogs, what about a career in Doggy Daycare?

If caring for puppies is a little too mundane for you, how about becoming a Panda Keeper?

That’s just one of twenty four neat jobs featured on Newsy’s Dream Jobs YouTube Channel. The channel also include things like Chocolate Maker, Crossword Constructor and even Trapeze Artist.

If Trapeze Artist is even a bit too down-to-Earth for you, what about becoming a professional Wingwalker? Here’s a 360° video with an inside look at what it entails.

That’s just one of the eight jobs featured on The Telegraph’s Weird and Wonderful jobs in 360° YouTube Channel. Other jobs you will find there include things like Penguin Keeper at Sea Life London Aquarium, Professional stunt driver at Mercedes Benz world, Model maker at LEGOLAND and Master gin distiller at Sipsmith.

If you’re in good shape and can hold your breath a really long time, perhaps you might even consider joining a troupe of Merfolk?

Yes, it’s a real career — they even have professional conventions!

If you’re considering joining the merfolk ranks, you might want to head to Sacramento, CA to attend the California Mermaid Convention (July 12-14, 2019).

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Happy odd job hunting! 🙂

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