Go for a fly!

Want a quick break?

Why go for a walk or coffee when you go for a fly instead?

Here are some short 360° videos that will have you soaring like a bird in a jiffy!

This first video from The New York Times Daily 360 will take you paragliding over Peru.

Next, this video from USA Today’s VRtually There takes you paragliding over California.

Relaxing so far, right?

Here’s a higher energy videofrom PBS’s Nature that takes you gliding over Yosemite.

For an even faster paced ride, here’s a video that takes you over Austria’s Paznaun Valley

Curious about how it’s done?

Here’s a five minute hang gliding lesson from Seeker VR.

You can find out a lot more about both paragliding and hang gliding on these pages from the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.
What is hang gliding and paragliding?
Learn to Fly Overview

Finally, here’s the story of how Francis and Gertrude Rogallo invented hang gliding.

If you want more of a flying break, try out some more rides in balloons and wingsuits.

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