Jellyfish Therapy

Feeling stressed out and need to relax?

How about a nice swim in a swarm of jellyfish?

What, that’s not a remedy for stress, you say!

You mean by using imaginative thinking, right?

Well, no, I do mean it literally.

There’s an actual place called Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk island in Palau where you can swim with hundreds of thousands of the mesmerizing creatures without fear of being stung. Here’s a one minute video about it complete with some calming underwater footage.

The best news is that Jellyfish Lake has just been reopened after a few years of being closed to swimmers and divers for ecological reasons.
Palau’s Jellyfish Lake reopens as thousands of jellyfish return (Maggie Hiufu Wong, CNN)
Ongeim’l Tketau Jellyfish Lake – Open to Visitors (Palau Gov)

Of course, you may not have time to jump on a plane to Palau right now. Even if you did, perhaps going for a swim in a sea of jellyfish still doesn’t sound all that relaxing to you?

In that case, perhaps a nice, safe one minute 360° virtual dive with a single jellyfish near the Gardens of the Queen off of the coast of Cuba, generously filmed and posted by AirPano, might do the trick.

Here’s another interesting one minute 360° experience from PBS News Hour filmed inside the jellies exhibit at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

That felt like being in a lava lamp, didn’t it?

Well, it turns out that the National Aquarium also has a live cam of their jellies, and it’s down right hypnotic. Who needs a lava lamp when you can get such awesome, calming nature delivered right to your screen, live!?!

Here’s another great clip from TED-Ed about how jellyfish aren’t just therapeutic to stare at from time to time — they also have all sorts of other intriguing properties. Some of them glow, and that helps them contribute to medical research. Others are even “sort of” immortal!

Finally, if you are more in need of adrenaline, perhaps this older post is more your speed…
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