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I’ve been updating the “nature” related pages on this site, so I’ve spent an abnormal amount of time perusing nature related sites for the last few weeks. Along the way I came across more than my fair share of odd nature stories. Many of them were viral, so you may have seen some of them before, but I bet you haven’t seen or heard about all of them. So, here’s a rundown of some of the most noteworthy, fun tidbits that I’ve come across.

First, today, there’s a story about birds going on benders. A quick search on YouTube revealed that this isn’t even all that unusual.

They’ll sober up,’ chief says: No need to call police over ‘drunken’ birds up north (Forum News Service, Twin

Next, there was that seal that slapped a man in the face. Of course, the most unusual part of the story was that the seal used an octopus to do it.

Seal slaps kayaker with octopus in viral GoPro video (Caitlin O ‘Kane, CBS NEWS)
Why Did An Octopus-Wielding Seal Slap A Kayaker In The Face? (Rachel D. Cohen, NPR)

Speaking of octopuses, did you hear about the scientists that got octopuses high on ecstasy? It was done in the name of research, and it turns out that the octopuses didn’t respond all that differently than humans.

On Ecstasy, Octopuses Reached Out for a Hug (JoAnna Klein, New York Times)

On the invertebrates on drugs front, there was also a story about the owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Maine getting lobsters high before cooking them.

I first saw this in a story from
A Maine restaurant owner is giving weed to lobsters before they’re cooked (Erin Kuschner,

Of course, after that story went viral, it resulted in this follow-up story a week later about how the Maine Health Inspection Program cracked down on the restaurant for selling “adulterated” lobsters. The owner then claimed that she hadn’t actually sold the lobsters to customers, but she and her father had experimented with eating some “adulterated” lobsters themselves.
The Maine Department of Health is investigating the restaurant that gives its lobsters weed (Erin Kuschner,

Now here’s something that falls a bit more clearly into the “humane” category. There’s this story about an injured turtle that got a Lego wheelchair. A quick search of YouTube did reveal that it isn’t all that original, though. In fact, it’s actually appears to be about as common as birds going on berry benders.

Injured Turtle At The Maryland Zoo Gets Lego Wheelchair (WJZ-TV CBS Baltimore)

Another one from the “animals using tech” front was this video that pretty much speaks for itself (spoiler alert, “training” was involved).

A few weeks ago, you may have also seen or heard the story about a small town in Greece getting covered in spider webs. However, according to your news source, you may not have heard that it was due to frisky spiders.

This town in Greece is draped in thousands of spider webs (Christina Maxouris & Brandon Griggs, CNN)

Finally, no post like this would be complete without a fun cat video or a 360° video, so here’s a 360° video from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa that fits the bill nicely.

If you want to see some more fun “cat” videos there’s a Big Cat Rescue YouTube Channel that even has a 360 VR Playlist with some clips that are guaranteed to make you go Awwww!

I personally liked the one with the kittens 🙂

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