Animal Vision

What if you could see like an animal? Well, now you can! Check out these YouTube 360° Videos from Marshmallow Laser Feast entitled In the Eyes of the Animal.

The videos are “experiential” because they were created to be an art installation. Here’s a more “explanatory” YouTube 360° video from BuzzFeed that’s shows what it’s like to see as a cat, dog, fly, rat, and snake.

There are even some augmented reality apps out there that go a step further and let you experience your own world “through the eyes” of animals. For example, Animal Vision for Android let’s you see like a dog, cat or snake while i to eye for iOS let’s you see like a dog, cat or bird. Here’s their respective YouTube videos.

Is “animal vision” a killer app for AR? Probably not, but still, it’s pretty cool!

Finally, if you really get into this stuff, there’s a ton of more “traditional” media out there about it. Here’s a short video from National Geographic that not only covers dogs, cats, snakes and birds, but also includes flies, bees, fish, sharks, rats, bats.

Better yet, here’s a longer video that covers a lot more about the science behind how we know how animals, including humans, see the world.

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