Easter Tidings & Tidbits

I’ve been immersed in working on updating Cosma pages about technical subjects like computers and the internet lately.

Make that TOO immersed, I need a break!

Given it’s Easter, how about a bunny break?

That’s easy. No need to go rummaging around YouTube for bunnies to watch, because there’s some on the Bunny Fix post I did back in 2020.

Here’s a 360° video from that post about the Japanese island Okunoshima.

Awww, the video made me feel better and reviewing the post put me in the Easter spirit!

However, the bunny clip was only a minute long. I wanted more, so I headed to YouTube in search of some bunnies to watch after all.

Alas, I didn’t find any, but I got distracted by a video about Easter traditions around the world.

Some of the traditions were fun and familiar, but others not-so-much. The German tradition of hanging Easter eggs on trees looked pretty, but Scandinavian Witches, Czech Switches and Cold Water in Hungary weren’t so enviable.

Of course, the furry Austrailian Easter Bilby caught my eye, and I set off on a YouTube safari in search of them. Here’s one of the better videos I found.

The video about Easter traditions also mentioned Easter bonnets and parades which reminded me of the movie Easter Parade that I hadn’t thought about or seen in years — that’s a tradition that needs to be revived. Here’s a trailer in case you’ve never seen it.

The movie featured an actual Easter Parade that’s held in New York every year. Here’s a brief news clip about it and a link to this year’s event.

Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival (NYC The Official Guide)

I can’t make it to New York for it this year, but now it’s on the bucket list.

Those furry bunnies and foreign traditions were fun distractions, but my favorite Easter activity remains coloring Easter eggs. That’s why I was a sucker for a video about ways to dye them. The video is a bit long, but each time you think the ideas won’t get any more creative, they do.

Okay, cool, now I know how to make lots of eggs to decorate my Easter tree!

Finally, one last closely related tradition is the Easter Egg hunt.

In case you can’t do a real one, here’s a 360° video with a quick, silly virtual version.

There you have it. That’s the end of my break — I hope you enjoyed coming along for my unexpectedly meandering (de)tour through Easter tidings and tidbits.

Now, have a safe, healthy, holiday weekend!

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