Goat Yoga?

Feeling a little stressed out by the holiday season and end of year rush? Need a quick relaxation break?

How about a bit of goat yoga?

Wait, Goat Yoga?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, then it might strike you as a bit strange, but it’s become a real craze over the last year or two. Here’s a one minute Buzz60 story about how it all started.

Yes, you can even buy a book about how to do Goat Yoga by the woman who started it.
Little Book of Goat Yoga (Lainey Morse)

Still not sure if yoga and goats go together?

Here’s a fun two minute 360° video to give you a sense of why it’s so popular.

Okay, I confess I was still skeptical. Then I found this video of some very cute baby goats, and I started to believe that there could be something to it after all 🙂

If you want to try it yourself, you might be able to get in on an “official” Goat Yoga class if you live in CA, IL, KY, NY, MI, FL, OR or PA.

If there’s no “official” version available near you, then just enter “goat yoga” and “your location” into your search engine of choice, and something nearby will almost certainly pop up. It really is that popular right now!

Finally, if you don’t know yoga, start here:
Geobeats Learning to do Yoga (YouTube)
Yoga With Adriene (YouTube)

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