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If you’re alive, kick into drive. Chase whimsies. See if you can turn dreams into a way to make a living, if not an entire way of life. — Kevin Smith



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whimsy : the quality or state of being fanciful — Webster   See also OneLook


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Garden gnomes are lawn ornament figurines of small humanoid creatures based on the mythological creature and diminutive spirit which occur in Renaissance magic and alchemy, known as gnomes. They also draw on the German folklore of the dwarf. Traditionally, the garden figurines depict male dwarfs wearing red pointy hats. Typically, gnomes stand between one and two feet (30 and 60 cm). Originating as a decoration for the wealthy in Europe, garden gnomes are now prevalent in gardens and lawns throughout the Western world, among all social classes, and are often regarded as whimsical. — Wikipedia

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Visual Arts

The Arkansas Arts Center’s collection of Toys Designed by Artists sparked this exhibition for, what better to surround these sculptural toys than fanciful paintings? One curator’s idea of whimsy is another’s scorn but, we need something fanciful at the moment. Eric Freeman’s imaginative animals, Katherine Strause’s exuberant figures, and Sherry Williamson’s flying objects—from pink pigs to dandelion puffs— join the Arkansas Art Center’s dragons, racing rats, and a cuckoo in a burst of frivolity. — Arkansas Arts Center

Whimsy and Flights of Fancy Exhibit – 360° Tour (Arkansas Arts Center)

Culinary Arts

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