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animation : the state of being animate or animated — Webster

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Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and the illusion of change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of images that minimally differ from each other. The illusion—as in motion pictures in general—is thought to rely on the phi phenomenon. Animation can be recorded with either analogue media, a flip book, motion picture film, video tape, digital media, including formats with animated GIF, Flash animation, and digital video.

Animation creation methods include the traditional animation creation method and those involving stop motion animation of two and three-dimensional objects, paper cutouts, puppets and clay figures. Images are displayed in a rapid succession, usually 24, 25, 30, or 60 frames per second. Computer animation processes generating animated images with the general term computer-generated imagery (CGI). 3D animation uses computer graphics, while 2D animation is used for stylistic, low bandwidth and faster real-time renderings. — Wikipedia

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ACM SIGGRAPH News The art and science of computer graphics and interactive technology.

  • The Fun and Fiery Opening of Thor: Ragnarok
    by ACM SIGGRAPH on November 24, 2017 at 7:40 am

    By Ian Failes. Republished with permission from Spark CG Society. Thor: Ragnarok opens with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) trapped by the fire demon Surtur. But not for long, as the God of Thunder soon battles the creature (and several others, including a dragon) before escaping back to Asgard. The exciting sequence was crafted by Method Studios in Vancouver, and Iloura in Sydney. Overall visual effects supervisor Jake Morrison and Method visual effects supervisor Andrew Hellen outline […]

  • Heidelberg Laureate Forum
    by ACM SIGGRAPH on November 24, 2017 at 7:40 am

    The Heidelberg Laureate Forum The Heidelberg Laureate Forum was created by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, the Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies, ACM, the International Mathematical Union, and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters to provide an opportunity for young researchers to spend a week with winners of the ACM Turing Award, ACM Prize in Computing, Abel Prize, Nevanlinna Prize, and Fields Medal.  To date five have been held and all have been viewed as a major success […]

  • ACM SIGGRAPH: The Transition from SIS to Linklings
    by ACM SIGGRAPH on November 24, 2017 at 7:40 am

    Transition to Linklings, LLC SIGGRAPH 2018 and SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 are transitioning from the SIGGRAPH Information System (SIS) to a submission and review system provided by Linklings, LLC. If you are interested in submitting content for either conference, we would like to offer the opportunity for you to create and set up your Linklings user account in advance of the program submission date. To set up your account, please visit Linklings and select the “create an […]

  • SIGGRAPH Asia Announce Keynotes
    by ACM SIGGRAPH on November 24, 2017 at 7:40 am

    SIGGRAPH Asia- November 27-30, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand The region’s best minds in computer graphics and interactive techniques are set to convene in Bangkok, Thailand for the annual SIGGRAPH Asia. Held from 27th to 30th November 2017 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), the 10th edition of SIGGRAPH Asia is expected to attract close to 7,000 attendees from over 60 countries. SIGGRAPH Asia will be welcoming Albert Yu-Min Lin (Award Winning National Geographic […]

  • ACM's Computers in Entertainment Seeks...
    by ACM SIGGRAPH on November 24, 2017 at 7:40 am

    Computers in Entertainment (CiE), ACM's online-only magazine for technology applications in the entertainment industry, is about to undergo a transformation. ACM is in discussions with CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) Press to join editorial resources and make CiE the go-to hub for this thriving field—everything from practical applications, business strategies, scholarly research, and interviews with some of the industry's leading lights. Newton Lee has served as […]