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penguin : any of various erect short-legged flightless aquatic birds (family Spheniscidae) of the southern hemisphere — Merriam-Webster   See also   OneLook


Penguins are a group of aquatic flightless birds. They live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, with only one species, the Galapagos penguin, found north of the equator. Highly adapted for life in the water, penguins have countershaded dark and white plumage, and their wings have evolved into flippers. Most penguins feed on krill, fish, squid and other forms of sea life which they catch while swimming underwater. They spend roughly half of their lives on land and the other half in the sea.

Although almost all penguin species are native to the Southern Hemisphere, they are not found only in cold climates, such as Antarctica. In fact, only a few species of penguin live so far south. Several species are found in the temperate zone, and one species, the Galápagos penguin, lives near the equator. — Wikipedia

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Ornithology is a branch of zoology that concerns the methodological study and consequent knowledge of birds with all that relates to them. A wide range of tools and techniques are used in ornithology, both inside the laboratory and out in the field. Most biologists who consider themselves to be “Ornithologists” study specific categories, such as Anatomy, Taxonomy, or Ecology lifestyles and behaviors. — Wikipedia

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More News … - latest science and technology news stories internet news portal provides the latest news on science including: Physics, Nanotechnology, Life Sciences, Space Science, Earth Science, Environment, Health and Medicine.

  • New Zealand probes mystery illness killing rare...
    on September 22, 2023 at 3:17 pm

    A mystery illness is decimating the chicks of New Zealand's endangered yellow-eyed penguins, and scientists say they may have found the cause.

  • Avian flu hits bird paradise of Galapagos Islands
    on September 20, 2023 at 8:02 am

    The Galapagos National Park said Tuesday that it had detected its first cases of avian flu on the remote islands, home to unique bird species that helped inspire the theory of evolution.

  • Polar experiments reveal seasonal cycle in...
    on September 15, 2023 at 12:00 am

    In the frigid waters surrounding Antarctica, an unusual seasonal cycle occurs. During winter, from March to October, the sun barely rises. As seawater freezes it rejects salts, creating pockets of extra-salty brine where microbes live in winter. In summer, the sea ice melts under constant daylight, producing warmer, fresher water at the surface.

  • Devastatingly low Antarctic sea ice may be the...
    on September 13, 2023 at 2:53 pm

    For most of us, Antarctic sea ice is an abstraction—something far away we may have seen on a documentary. But the radiant white sheets of ice floating on the seas around the snowy continent are a crucial component of Earth's climate processes.

  • Tracking little penguins shows they make...
    on September 4, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    A trio of marine researchers at Deakin University's School of Life and Environmental Sciences in Australia has found that little penguins attempt to optimize their predatory behavior by making trade-offs between minimizing energy costs and increasing capture rates. In their study, reported in the journal Royal Society Open Science, Natalie Petrovski, Grace Sutton and John Arnould attached tiny video cameras to several of the penguins to study their hunting behavior.


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