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  • U2’s Tech Wizardry (5/13/2018)- If you’re fairly familiar with the band U2, then you know that they’re deeply into technology. Every time they release a new album and/or show, they’re bound to introduce some creative new techie experience to go along with it. Their new eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE Tour is no exception. Here’s a trailer with a glimpse of … Continue reading U2’s Tech Wizardry
  • Trippy Tech (1/10/2019)- You might notice an uptick in news about “future tech” crossing your radar over the next week or so. That’s because the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on in Las Vegas this week, and pretty much every news outlet sends someone to cover it. That’s partly because they need something fun to talk about … Continue reading Trippy Tech
  • Super Bowl Frivolities (2/1/2019)- You probably know that the Super Bowl is this Sunday. This year the Patriots will be taking on the LA Rams in Atlanta. While I realize that it might be a touchy subject, I happen to live near Boston. Needless to say, I’m seeing my fair share of local coverage, again 😉 While there’s plenty … Continue reading Super Bowl Frivolities
  • Start your engines! (5/26/2017)- It’s that time of year again. This isn’t just a long Memorial Day weekend — it is also time for the 101’st running of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing! In honor of this I thought it would be fun to see if there are any 360° YouTube videos that give a sense of what it’s … Continue reading Start your engines!
  • Start your engines! (5/27/2018)- Postscript (May 28, 2018) The 102nd running of the Indy 500 has come and gone. It definitely wasn’t the most exciting race in history. Still, it was the Indy 500, so it can only be so boring. Here’s a clip that recaps the whole race in all of its glory in just three and a … Continue reading Start your engines!
  • Practically Impossible (7/27/2018)- The summer blockbuster season is still in full swing, and this week’s big news maker is the sixth installment of Mission Impossible. Of course, as was the case for each of the earlier movies in the franchise, the stunts in the movie are grabbing a lot of attention. That’s because Tom Cruise believes in two … Continue reading Practically Impossible
  • Nouveau Cirque (6/8/2017)- Cirque du Soleil (Official Site, YouTube, Wikipedia) is the most well known example of a genre called nouveau cirque (French) or contemporary circus (English). Nouveau cirque is a genre of performing arts in which a story or a theme is conveyed through traditional circus skills. Animals are rarely used in this type of circus, and … Continue reading Nouveau Cirque
  • Mars is hard! (11/25/2018)- Update 8:30 PM November 26, 2018 (EST) Touchdown! Mars InSight lander reaches red planet (Alexandra Witze, Nature) NASA’s InSight Mission Triumphantly Touches Down on Mars (Ian O’Neill, Scientific American) InSight has landed with Updates (Emily Lakdawalla, Planetary Society) Landing Replay (SciNews) Original Post If you hear a phrase like “six and a half minutes of … Continue reading Mars is hard!
  • Happy Summer, Roar! (6/21/2018)- It’s here! It’s officially summer, and that means that it’s time for summer traditions like barbecues, vacations and loving or hating the newest summer blockbusters. For better or worse, they are here, too — it’s time to either rejoice and head to the nearest cineplex or cringe with derision and run away from the latest … Continue reading Happy Summer, Roar!
  • Happy Holi! (3/20/2019)- It’s finally here — this year the vernal equinox falls on Wednesday, March 20th, so that means it’s time to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Of course, many cultures have traditions to welcome the season, but the one that strikes me as the most beautiful is Holi. It’s also known as the “Festival of Colors” … Continue reading Happy Holi!
  • Extreme Biking, Artfully! (4/12/2019)- This week I came across something that I thought was fairly unique. There is a Scottish BMX rider by the name of Kriss Kyle that has elevated his extreme biking into an art. Here’s a video published by Red Bull that starts out with a brief introduction to the young man and then transitions into … Continue reading Extreme Biking, Artfully!
  • Coaster Break! (7/19/2018)- Here it is, late in the week, but not yet the weekend. Maybe you’ll be taking a ten minute coffee break to help you push on through? How about a roller coaster break instead? First, here’s a bit of backstory. A little over a year ago I did a post about roller coasters. It included … Continue reading Coaster Break!
  • Cirque du Soleil Sampler (12/1/2017)- They’ve done it again! Cirque du Soleil has once again raised the bar in innovative uses for 360° Video. This time they created this fantastic compilation of four trailers for the virtual experiences that they’ve produced in collaboration with Felix and Paul Studios. You can see all of the 360° Video trailers on their VR … Continue reading Cirque du Soleil Sampler
  • Barnum’s Critters (8/24/2018)- Barnum’s animals have escaped! Here’s an update about the situation from Inside Edition. Of course, unlike the iconic crackers themselves, the news about them is bittersweet because The Greatest Show on Earth ceased operation back in May 2017. Have you ever wondered what happened to Barnum & Bailey’s real animals? Here’s a short segment from … Continue reading Barnum’s Critters


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